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Boring work Dinner Party

After all she hated her husband and was already in the process of divorcing him so she could be with Him. Yes Him. The Man she met 9 months ago that awakened her inner animal. Whose passion engulfed her and who showed her pleasure can be limitless with the right person. The thought of Him brings and evil grin to her face and she notices a dampening of the panties he told her to wear this evening. Yes she might still be married, but she belonged mind, body and soul to Him.

The evening wears on and she suffers through it as best she can. Smiling at all the right times and people, laughing at her husband's stupid jokes, being as polite, prim and proper as she can be. Needing to get away, if only for a just a moment, she excuses herself from the company of her husband's boring friends and walks over to the bar. About halfway there she catches something out of the corner of her eye. No, it can't be. She turns and starts to walk a little faster, trying to confirm what she knows can't be true. She saw Him. He is here. Her breath quickening to match her pace she hurries, aware of outward appearances she slows down as to not attract unwanted attention. 

She reaches the spot where she thought she saw Him. A square column alongside the room. Not surprised there is no one there. Dejectedly she turns to head back to the bar for that drink refill when she feels a tap on her right shoulder. Startled she turns to see Him, in the flesh. Her arms reach out to take him in and he stops her with a raised hand. Quickly regaining her composure, acutely aware of the mistake she almost made, blushing furiously she asks, "What are you doing here? How did you get in? This was by invitation only."

Grinning that evil way He does He replies, "Did you think I would have you suffer this evening alone?" As he points to the men's restroom. "Meet me there in 5 min," as he walks away.

Her lips begin to tremble and the slight wetness she felt earlier at thinking of him just increased ten fold. She didn't imagine seeing him tonight let alone the prospect of being with him. Her legs shuddered at the thought and she wondered if she would even be able to walk to the restroom. Glancing at her watch, noticing that only 2 minutes had passes she sighed with frustration. She wonders if she just walks slowly that maybe the time will pass. Deciding to throw caution to the winds she heads directly for the restroom hoping for the best.

Quickly glancing around the room, taking a deep breath and hoping for the best she pushes the heavy oaken door open and steps in. Looking around she is relieved to see that are no strangers in the room however she doesn't see Him. Turning to look all the way around the room He is there. Smiling at her. His eyes alive with lust and passion as without looking he reaches and locks the door.

Striding towards her in that animalistic walk of His, almost a glide as he closes the distant between them. She opens her arms and takes him in close. The heat that radiates from his body furnace like, transfers to her and the weakness in her knees increases to the point that if he wasn't holding on to her she would have fallen. 

Pushing her against the wall, taking both her wrists in his in his hand and lifting them over her head, pressing them against the wall he presses his lips to hers. The hand not holding her wrists slips up her skirt and reaches directly between her legs. Placing His hand on her, cupping her pussy He feels the heat and the dampness and this pleases Him. Pulling back from the kiss He looks at her, "We don't have much time," grabbing her panties and pulling them down to her knees.

Her gasp echoes along the cool walls as she feels Him spinning her around and pressing her against the wall. His hands pull her skirt up revealing her ass to him as she hears a zipper. His hands grab her hips and pull her towards Him, at the same time opening her to Him. She shudders as she feels the head of His cock press against her tight, wet pussy and nearly collapses from pleasure as He pushes Himself all the way into her. Her pussy invaded by his cock, throbbing deep inside her as His hands continue to firmly hold her hips, pulling her back onto Him. 

She lets her head fall forward as her breath comes in quick pants. She can feel her juices dripping down her leg. The depths of her passion for this man knowing no bounds as she bucks her hip up at Him, desperate to take every sweet inch of His swollen manhood inside her. She wills herself to squeeze Him tight, vainly attempting to not let Him pull out as He continues to slam into her. 

She feels His hands in her hair and suddenly her hair pulled back, her neck extending as finds this opens her more to Him and He goes even deeper than she thought possible. Gasping, pussy quivering a new wave of juices flow out of her as she cums all over His cock. Attempting to stifle her moans so as to not attract unwanted attention she bites her bottom lip to keep from screaming out. It's a good thing she does as He suddenly pulls His throbbing cock from her swollen pussy and feel the head at her tight hole. Shaking with desire for Him but not sure she'll be able to contain herself if he sticks it in her ass she feels her tight hole being penetrated, His head slipping inside with a pop as He rests there momentarily before sliding deep inside her. Unable to hold it in, despite her teeth firmly pressed against her own lip she lets out a little cry. His thrusting into her ass doesn't cease as she feels another orgasm on the point of exploding inside her once again. No sooner does the thought of that hit her then her body takes over and she cries out as her body shakes uncontrollably.

Feeling his pet cum for the 2nd time in quick succession punches through His normal control and He grunts deep in his throat as He shoots a hot load of cum deep into her ass. Her squeezing her tight hole around Him, almost milking his cum from Him sends shivers though His body as He pushes His cock deeper into her than before and hears her squeal in delight. Another jet of cum shoots from him, filling her ass with his essence.

Both of them coming down from the high of the secret they just shared together He slowly pulls out of her, slapping her on the ass hard enough to sting and leave a bright red hand print on her right cheek. She gasps out loud at this then smiles as He pulls her upright and spins her. Kissing her hard and passionately then slowly breaking the kiss warning her, "Don't let a single drop out. You will see me later and I expect it all to be right where I left it." Before releasing her, unlocking the door and walking out.

Alone for the moment, her body still shaking with excitement she reaches down to pull her panties back up. This changes the angle of her body and slightly opens her ass and she feels his cum start to slip out of her. Quickly she stands and holds her ass tight. Not wanting to let a drop out, for her own selfish reasons as well as His command.

She kicks her panties off and leaves them on the floor before giving herself a quick glance in the mirror. Her cheeks are rosey and it's quite obvious she's just been fucked but she doesn't care. Walking out of the door she bumps into a stranger walking in. She giggles that little girl giggle He adores so much and hurries to her husband's side. It's time for her to leave whether we wants to or not. 

After all, He is waiting for her......